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Leerlingen verbijsterd door examenblunders

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Ook in Zuid-Afrika loopt in het onderwijs niet altijd alles op rolletjes, getuige dit stuk van News24.com:

Exam blunders stun pupils

25/11/2008 10:04 - (SA)

Johannesburg - "Geskik wiskundig instrumente miskien gewond" ("Suitable mathematical instruments perhaps injured").

Pupils and teachers were taken aback at these oddly-worded instructions in the Afrikaans physics exam paper, which Grade 10s wrote in Tshwane West district schools about a week ago.

Teachers, who brought this exam paper containing several errors to Beeld's attention, said it was unfair that Afrikaans-speaking pupils had to "guess" what was expected of them.

"This is simply unacceptable," complained one.

"I still don't know what some of the sentences in the exam paper mean," said one. Other teachers were called in to help and it was agreed that the instruction: "Suitable mathematical instruments perhaps injured" possibly meant that suitable mathematical instruments may be used.

But what was meant by: "Waar ook bewegend of bespreking, voorbeeld is begeer, wees baie saamvat" ("Where also moving or discussed, example is desired, be very concise")?

Bad spelling

Apart from the unclear phrases, the spelling was poor. Words were misspelt and mistyped.

Several complaints were also received about another physics exam paper, which Grade 10s wrote in the so-called Dinaledi schools. These schools get additional help in mathematics and science.

The problem with this exam paper was that one half was in Afrikaans and the other was in English. The Afrikaans translation was incomplete and teachers had to translate the English part for pupils as there was too little time to type it over.

The Gauteng education department said it was aware of the problem. "The district office brought the matter to the attention of the provincial co-ordinator who will respond officially."

An education spokesperson said he had not yet received an explanation about the other exam paper. Copies of it were sent to the department.

Similar blunders were made in the Afrikaans history and geography exam paper, which Grade 6 pupils wrote in the North West.

The history example paper alone contained about 80 spelling mistakes.

One Afrikaans example was the following sentence: "Hoe het vroe ontdekkings reisegers gereis tussen ie verskillende kontinente en wat was hul ervarringe?"

- Beeld